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Welcome to Parsiloop!

Parsilop officially began its work in 2016 with the aim of connecting with artists. Part of my activity is composing, Arranging and producing music, and the other part is the production of virtual instruments, Sample and Loop. We first produced the sixth eighth series, which was due to the lack of the products needed for music producers. The beginning and the foundation of every piece of music that is produced is rhythm, the diversity of which makes creativity and new ideas for the composer. Two drum and percussion production series with about 1000 original rhythms and 3,000 sub rhythms provide a wide range of sound effects including acoustic and electronics drums, , percussion instruments and many other to give you any idea of ​​the best quality. We also produced a few other products for six eight Rhythm for different instruments. Parsiloop also works with the world’s largest loop Producers.

The study of different musical genres from classical to rap is one of my constant interests, and I’m not limited to specific music styles. The Music Ocean is infinite, and when you travel to the depths, you see just how insignificant you’ve seen the Sea from the coastline.

I produced also classical musical compositions in the style of symphonic music and traditional pop music of Persia.

I will be glad to communicate with Music Producers and Musicians. Use the site contact form to get in Contact.


پارسیلوپ | تولید و فروش سمپل لوپ، لوپ 6/8 - لوپ شش و هشت ایرانی | Parsiloop produces Persian / Iranian Sample Loops

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